#BCM212 Reflection- What Have I Learnt?

Hello and welcome back my blog! As you all know I have been researching for weeks (Seems like years) about how students feel about online vs physical campuses and the heavy technological reliance we have throughout university assessments and resources. I have now completed my report and the semester (woo!), so I have returned to … Continue reading #BCM212 Reflection- What Have I Learnt?

#BCM212 Research Findings

How do current university students feel about the increase of technological engagement and online resources-including submissions, and options relating to online ‘cloud’ courses in comparison to traditional physical campuses and assessments?       This outline the key findings found from my research project, there were some interesting and unexpected results. Survey conducted involved 51 … Continue reading #BCM212 Research Findings

#BCM212 Is the Internet your next tutor?

In a time where internet is everything, it was not unexpected to see the increase of online alternatives to university and changes to the submission process over recent years. Laptops and 24/7 internet access are slowly becoming an almost compulsory part of many courses as quizzes and assessments are dealt with online. And University of Wollongong … Continue reading #BCM212 Is the Internet your next tutor?

#BCM212 How Curious Are You? Curious Enough to Read This….

Hello BCM212! Curiosity is having a strong desire to study something and find out further information on a certain topic. It is an interesting concept, we are told to explore our world, ask questions and look outside the box for most of our lives, but the second we start asking the wrong questions we are … Continue reading #BCM212 How Curious Are You? Curious Enough to Read This….