Auto-Ethnographic Reflection Report

Introduction: Autoethnography is a challenging research practice, as it is often too easy to fall into a comparative mind and not fully appreciate the culture on its own, this bias will cloud the authentic experience. Throughout the course of the semester for BCM320, I have felt quite uncomfortable with the autoethnographic process as I have … Continue reading Auto-Ethnographic Reflection Report

Weaving Cultural Connections Through Braids: An Autoethnographic Project

2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1 …over and under.... creating the braid...forming a strong hold... Braiding for me is a hairstyle I forced my mum to learn when I was in primary school, it helped me look fashionable and keep my wild hair tamed (if only slightly). I have never really thought much more about … Continue reading Weaving Cultural Connections Through Braids: An Autoethnographic Project

No Pro-Gamer but Nostalgic Nonetheless (Hi-Score Girl, 2018)

source: Japanese  This week's viewing was a Japanese TV show called 'Hi Score Girl' (2018), I loved the fact we were able to experience live tweeting a show rather than film, although we binged it and it were as if it was a film, it was just so different from the other weeks. And the … Continue reading No Pro-Gamer but Nostalgic Nonetheless (Hi-Score Girl, 2018)

Were Relationships Sweet Enough?Cake (2018)

  source I must admit this week's filming threw me off, unlike the previous two weeks, I struggled with the film and felt lost throughout. Firstly, I have no experience with the Pakistani culture, and I think the only thing I can tell you about them is that they like cricket. Where my mind goes … Continue reading Were Relationships Sweet Enough?Cake (2018)

Hell Has No ‘Furie’ (2019) Like A Mother Scorned

What do I know about Vietnam or what interactions have I had? What can I list? The beautiful hand-craved chest in my Nan's lounge room depicting a typical Vietnamese town centre Vietnam War My friends who are Vietnamese and hearing them speak to their parents in Vietnamese That one episode of Top Gear where they … Continue reading Hell Has No ‘Furie’ (2019) Like A Mother Scorned

Married At First Sight (MAFS) Indonesia? (Love For Sale, 2018)

I was born in Australia. Mum in England and Dad, Germany (although he is actually Scottish- long story). Growing up, I binged British shows, I can discuss English royal families and have travelled around most of the United Kingdom and Ireland. source This is my cultural background. (Me in London, England. Feb 2020) Looking to … Continue reading Married At First Sight (MAFS) Indonesia? (Love For Sale, 2018)

John Pilger- Interventionist Hero   Youtube Link for DA DA Reflection- John Pilger is a powerful journalist who achieved change by giving a voice to many global communities who were unable to speak themselves. Pilger's strengthens lie in his ability to maintain and grow relationships with the global communities he has meet, this is evident in his continued … Continue reading John Pilger- Interventionist Hero

Coral Context: Where Are We At?

My DA project blog  ‘Coral Reef Rescue’ has opened my eyes to the world of environmental issues, restoration options and technologies of the future. This blog allowed me to explore the world of 3D printing, environmental impacts and current global projects. ((Most of my time was dedicated to actually using the technology (at UOW Makerspace) and … Continue reading Coral Context: Where Are We At?