Return of the Pitch Face: Have You Gotten Beta Yet?

This is my critical reflection of my comments of fellow #BCM325 student’s BETA videos:


Kiana’s DA is her Youtube Channel, where she posts videos relating to thing’s she likes and aims to have this develop into something business’ wish to sponsor, much like current social influencers. Within her video, she discussed how she struggled with the concept of the DA initially so I wanted to help her narrow down and find the futuristic concept she was hoping for. However, I feel as if my suggestions for her videos may have clashed a bit with her initial idea, in relation to the original content. Also considering the time frame we have this semester and I probably suggested too much. Although, given her desire to continue this I think I may have helped provide a different avenue for her thinking for the future, even linking some references to understand internet trends a bit more which I think would be very relevant to her end goal. I also tried to ensure I was positive, as I did like the idea!

URL Link: Kiana

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kiana 2.PNG


Ruby’s BETA was her Youtube channel (and Soundcloud) that discusses the music industry and how it is changing and interviewing those involved in the industry. Ruby had critically evaluated her own progress really well, I felt like I struggled a bit to branch off what she said, because everything I had thought of, she eventually mentioned which proved to me she really committed to this DA. Also my lack of knowledge regarding this field did not help, I perhaps could have researched more to help provide her with a different direction point. Although I was able to find some interesting articles that really helped cement the notion of the future for her DA, as I know that was one of her main concerns. I also encouraged her to still continue down an academic aspect just to add even more credibility to her work, which I think will really help form the DA even further.

URL Link: Ruby (This comment was waiting moderation at time of posting)



Leah’s DA is about future protein food and using blog posts to highlight different years and it’s potentials. I must admit, I was slightly confused about this project, I understood the idea of the food and the last blog post about how food is portrayed in future films but otherwise it took me a while to wrap my head around. This really affected my comment I think. I feel as if my comment did express my confusion which may help Leah clarify a few things for future audiences however I don’t think it gave a full rounded feedback that I’m sure she would be hoping for. Still, I feel good that I was able to provide her with some further links to assist that future supply and demand that is definitely relevant to her concerns. I ensure to keep the tone positive, as I understand this is an important topic, and I didn’t want her to feel too discouraged by my confusion. 

URL Link: Leah



I believe I was able to positive impact some of these DA’s, even if only through providing some references for each of them to look over and include somewhere within their final projects.

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