Tweet-y Bird Would Be Proud…. Live-Tweeting is Hard!

So here we are, the final weeks of #BCM325 and time to reflect on my live-tweeting efforts. I am proud of myself, I think over the course of the last 12 weeks I have really developed my critical evaluation skills of the movies and themes we have been watching.

I think this growth in my skills is evident through the higher engagement rates I have had since beginning of semester.

I believe that my efforts to find links between the movies through the similar themes (The theme of memories was something I often mention, as noted in above tweets) has also helped with these stats. The higher engagements have seen me have some more detailed discussions which has helped me further develop my understand of the ‘sci-fi’ and futuristic genre.

I have also been able to find more articles to create discussion about the film we are watching. However I think it would have been more beneficial for myself to add my own further comment to the article, rather than simply posting the particularly quote that I liked. This would have helped me think more critical using sources and perhaps would have create further discussion with students, however, I feel that from the rate of engagement I am picking interest sources, that are very relevant.

I have changed the way that I have engaged with my fellow students, I have attempted to re-tweet and further their tweets, so that it could create more engagement, rather than simply just commenting. Although, I feel this hasn’t been as successful as I had hoped, it has still helped strengthen my profile and makes it easier for me to find relevant tweets. However, I still have continued to comment on posts as per normal.


My biggest downfall, that I was hoping I was able to develop by this point (I noted this factor in my first blog), is my lack of memes or gifs to break up my profile. My main concern when live-tweeting is when I am typing, I want to get the tweet at as quickly as possible so that I am ‘on time’ with the other students, and in my rush am not adding any interactive, fun media. Although, I am glad I have been trying to think critically about the films, I feel that this aspect is just as critical to showcase a bit more of my own skills, as well as engaging with other students in a more light-hearted way.

Also, as seen through the re-tweeting, I ask a lot of questions and for some tweets I never really answer them. I would like to see myself answer these (through a thread to work around the word limit) just to further that critical thinking that we are trying to get into.

It’s been a really great learning curve over the course of the semester!

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