W10: Got Attitude Problems?

Attitudes can be influenced from various sources in an individual’s life including: social media, family and friends, personal experiences and direct marketing. Being able to understand and gauge how much ‘pull’ these influences have on the individual and their perception of a brand is an important consideration in the long-run to understand consumer behaviour.

There are several functional theories of attitudes. The most relevant to Forever 21 is the ‘value-expressive’: this is where one expresses their ‘self-concept’ and core values. This strongly links to the personality and self theory that Forever 21 address regularly, they must help shape attitudes through allowing the consumer to have a value-concept.

The brand might also wish to tap into an ’emotional loyalty’ which is “an affective commitment to a brand consisting of positive feelings about and attachments to purchasing a brand on the next purchase occasion” (Solomon et al, 2018). Between these two factors that can change and develop attitudes Forever 21 have multiple opportunities and aspects to tap into the consumers emotions to shape these attitudes favourably towards their brand.

There are four hierarchies of effect which can be relevant in understanding consumer behaviour. The most relevant for Forever 21 would be the ‘experiential hierarchy’


(feel)——-(do)——(learn)——-(based on HEDONIC consumption)

There has been a huge stress placed on the importance of emotional cognition and responses over the course of recent years. Businesses are recognising how important emotions are in shaping attitudes and how easily they can change and affect the business. Forever 21 is in an industry where this is vital information relating to how consumers shop and interact with not only the product but the business.

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