Am I Doing BETA Than My Pitch?- BCM325 Coral Reef Follow-Up



Since developing my pitch, my appreciation for future technology has only grown. The amazing ways that 3D printing has assisted within the environment is beyond belief.

My short-term goals for finishing my DA are:

  • Completing four more prints: experimenting with size and gauging  time differences
  • My blog site will consist of three blogs:
  1. How 3D printing works and materials that are used
  2. Environmental impacts and alternatives used within 3D printing and other alternatives
  3. The current coral restoration projects occurring globally. Particularly continuing my research of Alex Goad’s Reef Design Lab as it is one of the largest 3D printing projects



(extending off BETA video list) 


8 thoughts on “Am I Doing BETA Than My Pitch?- BCM325 Coral Reef Follow-Up

  1. Hello Amanda, I am very happy to read your DA Beta Pitch. About your topic, use 3D printing to repair corals, I think this is a good repair mode. Through your Beta video, I also saw your progress and saw your work in the school 3D printing room. This is a good try and start. Regarding what you said, you didn’t get much feedback about the project. I think you can try to post some posts on the Reddit, maybe you will get some help, which can include your process, your thoughts on coral restoration and even It is some of your self-points. I think the Reddit platform is helpful.

    Another point I am concerned about is that 3D printing repairs the impact of coral on the natural environment. In some articles I have seen, 3D printing will reduce more emissions, and the latest materials for 3D printing are degradable. Ecological materials, they are non-toxic and harmless or even produce waste. At least in my research, the benefits of 3D printing on ecology are greater than the disadvantages. I think you can refer to the following URLs for these.

    In your future research, I think that considering the sustainability of 3D printing to repair corals is a question. How long is it effective to repair these corals? How long can you help maintain the life of your coral? Will it help to help ecological recovery? Can the cost be effectively controlled? These issues might be considered. Good luck your final DA Project!

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  2. Hi Amanda, I really like your idea of using 3D printing for coral restoration projects since the Great Barrier Reef is something so important, being able to use something as simple but also complex as 3D printing would be fantastic for helping them! It’s also great to see your short-term goals for finishing your DA, which are all linked together very smartly.

    You mentioned not having enough feedback from people outside of the BCM subject and as much as some people want to steer away from it these days, I think Instagram would be a useful tool for your project. With Instagram you are able to use hashtags and since your project has a lot of objects that you can use for photos, it might be useful to look into. Plus, it might be a useful way to draw people towards your blog!

    Here are some links on Instagram posting and usefulness:

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  3. It’s unfortunate that you were limited to the type of coral you could print, but I am interested to see your blog posts on 3D printing for coral restorations. You seem to have a good amount of research into this topic. I personally do not know much about 3D printing, but I do think the issues of coral reefs is incredibly timely.
    I think the hardest part of your DA will be getting four more prints done in time, as you mentioned that 3D printing to completion can be tricky. I think including videos of your 3D prints in your blogs would be a fun way to give your readers a visual of what you are talking about.
    I think it would be interesting you to look at how 3D printing is evolving, and if there is any new technology being developed in that realm that could make printing on a large scale more reliable, as well as addressing the issue of human destruction on the ocean. Will printed coral reefs solve the problems that climate change is causing in the ocean?
    Looking forward to seeing your final DA.

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    1. Hey, thanks for you comment- if you head on over to my Twitter I actually managed to get four more prints out!!! I was so incredibly happy and surprised! I, too, was so sad about being limited about the prints, I wish I had more time to learn 3D modelling yo see if that helped me


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