First World Problems of a Comms. Student: Watching Films, Being Deep and Live-Tweeting

Live tweeting was a foreign concept to me before enrolling in BCM325. Yes, I had used Twitter throughout the last couple of years at uni, but this was next level. I was concerned about how to watch the movie (particularly the one’s I hadn’t seen *cough* almost all *cough*), thinking critically on my own AND engage with fellow students all AT THE SAME TIME.

However, I feel started to build my confidence and began being able to create decent threads with other students and discussing on a deeper level.

The first week I started out with mostly weak, almost irrelevant comments on fellow students tweets, and mostly just posting facts with links, without truly engaging in the content myself (examples below). I was aware this was my first experience with live-tweeting so knew it wouldn’t be great first off but also recognised I need to critically think and engage to improve my skills.

I slowly noticed a curve in my tweets and could see how I became more invested in critically reflecting on the themes of each film and attempting to link them to one another to find common themes throughout the ‘futuristic cultures’ genre. I also become more able to tweet whilst taking in content in real time, which definitely helped my development.

I became feeling more confident with retweeting other students tweets and extending conversations, shown through the below examples.

Moving into developing and articulating my own thoughts helped bring forth more discussion with others.

The post below got a decent amount of engagements between comments and likes, I believe threads like these helped me understand my initial thought more and helped me draw different conclusion through interacting with the others and understanding their point-of-view. Through engaging with multiple students with various ideas, I was able to adapt and deepen my own initial thought.

I felt as if this detailed thread below with @nicolegentle really allowed me to connect and reflect on multiple aspects that not only related directly to the film on the day (Week 5: Ghost in the Shell) but also drawing on a lot of different themes we had seen throughout the semester. I went deeper into a thread then I had before, which I felt was really beneficial for week 5 and helped show my development and growth with live-tweeting, it really pushed me to think about themes that had come up across multiple weeks and try and connect them all.


This post below got a lot of engagement and was a really great tweet, although I had forgotten to post the link to the site where I had found this out, which is something I need to be careful with! I feel like as time went on I was able to identify the facts that would be deemed most interesting with others by viewing and noting others media habits and the tweets being posted to #BCM325 feed to continue with trends of the conversations of the day.


Reflecting on my own development within the live-tweeting exercises,  I feel as if I have grown a lot and moved into the critical thinking elements needed for this task, however I feel I miss a lot of potential with creating my own content, through memes and gifs, which would help break up my feed and create even further discussion and interaction with other students. I hope to continue learning and growing over the next half of the semester!

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