Reviewing and Reflecting: BCM325 Pitches Edition

This is a critical reflection of my comments on fellow BCM325 student’s DA pitches-


Koranith’s DA was about creating a Youtube reviewing channel about either cool gadgets or cars. I felt that Koranith needed to narrow down his DA as there was a lot left to the imagination about the direction of the DA. I tried to help with some ideas, as he had expressed interest in cars, in both the pitch and the contextual essay, I presented the notion of driverless cars. I wanted to build off his ideas whilst staying true to the core of the assessment with addressing the future. I feel I was helpful in providing both sides to a very current debate, that is definitely going to be a concern within the future. Although, I feel as if I may have led with one idea a bit much and perhaps could have provided other examples of futuristic gadgets that may have also been a great example for the DA. I believe I could have been a bit reassuring within my tone as well.

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Caitlin’s DA is an extension of an already existing DA which will centre around virtual reality and its use within creating art installations. As someone will very limited experiences within both those fields, I feel as if it would have been beneficial for me to research a little more after watching her pitch to gain a deeper understanding, which may have helped my interaction a bit more. Although, I believe I raised some good points for her to address within the DA, in relation to the quality of the art upon being transferred to VR programs. The first Youtube link will be an interesting background research her for, just to get a sense of the developing environment that she will be working around. Upon reflection, it would have been beneficial for, not only myself, but for Caitlin as well, to look into and ask questions about the success rates of VR as art galleries, and whether this is something the community is actually excited for, or if they feel it will take away the physical connections of the art and the buildings. As it could be another angle to discuss about the future of art and art communities.






Georgia’s DA is a Instagram page looking into photoshop and the manipulation of photos and the future of these programs (photoshop, editor). I believe I made some good talking points that she would be able to address within your DA, in relation to any trends that have been found. I could have helped her further by adding more links to sites which would have benefited her through additional resources, although as I mentioned in the comment, I didn’t find quite what I was looking for initially. I feel I could have added to her discussion more by discussing further my own interactions with Photoshop, I could have helped her get an opinion on the use from a person perspective and help the research more.




I think within giving feedback to others, I was able to see where I need to make improvements on my own DA, aspects in which I can tighten and strengthen my ideas and really increase the effectiveness of my communication of my project, to a broader audience.


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