W4: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: iPhone or Galaxy…

There are five steps within the Consumer Decision Making process. Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previt (2019, p 303)  makes note that some purchasing decision are more important than others, so the amount of effort placed into the decision will vary, however the steps will remain the same.

Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previt (2019, p 297) outlines the steps as:

  1. Problem Recogniton: When there is a difference between an actual and an ideal state
  2. Information Search: The process by which consumers seek data
  3. Evaluation of Alternatives: Looking into different, but similar products
  4. Product Choice: The ultimate product consumers decide to buy
  5. Post-purchase Outcomes: Evaluating whether the purchase was a success


Consumer-Decision-Making-Process.png source


In my own personal life, I do not come often make decisions on major point often. A lot of my decisions are automatic and habitual. However, I have gone through this thought process in regard to phones last year.


My previous phone (Apple iPhone 5S) ran out of its contract and I was eligible for a new phone, and its battery was also not as good as it once was so  I felt it was time to upgrade. Because I had used an iPhone for a while and I had become comfortable with them, I looked into getting an iPhone 6S. I felt this was a good choice, as I could transfer everything over through my iCloud account. However, I did not want to rush in.

download (1)


My first point of research was the phone plans available to me through Optus, as I do not want to pay a fortune every month unnecessarily. I also asked a range of my friends, who have both iPhones and Galaxy’s to see firsthand some of the opinions, as well as following that up with online reviews.


Although Galaxy’s have a good reputation, they are more expensive than iPhones, which is a huge factor to me. Also on a more fashionable note, Apple iPhones always have nice cases, and I can buy them in stores, whereas I never particularly like Samsung Galaxy cases, which you can mostly only buy online.

download (3)


I chose the Apple iPhone 6s:

  • It was cheaper by $20/month
  • It is more aesthetically pleasing in relating to cases
  • The camera appeared to be better
  • With previously owning an iPhone, I was comfortable with all the different features

download (2)


One year on and I am still very happy with my purchase. I believe I will continue to have iPhones as they are cheaper, and still do the job for me!




Solomon, Michael., Russell-Bennett, R. and Previte, J. (2019) Consumer Behaviour, Australian Edition, 4th Ed., Pearson

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