W3: Needs and Wants: Do We Know What We Want to Need?

Marketers often are accused of being unethical and creating unnecessary needs that cause huge societal issues.  Whether it be: people spending too much on things that they do not need or the breakdown of morals and the loss of ethics within society because of the desire for material things.

marketing-is-fraud.jpg source

How accurate is this notion and view of marketers?

Well, let’s think about this.

People are constantly complaining about how unethical marketing is, how it causes more problems than it solves. So people are fully aware about the ethical complications involved in this industry, and yet they continue to buy products that they themselves deem ‘unnecessary’, if they are aware wouldn’t they just stop buying the products?

Marketers only continue to market things that people buy, there may be some ‘pushing’ on their behalf but they do not force the consumer to purchase products.

We all contribute to the materialistic nature of the world. Marketers may fuel this, yes, but really they do not create this desire by themselves.

There is always demand, there is always desire. 

‘Products meet existing needs, and marketing activities only help to communication their availability’ (Solomon et al, 2018)

This is true, why would marketers create unnecessary campaigns if there weren’t aware of some desire and demand for it?

That would be a waste of money for them.

If you are concerned about being maniuplated by marketers, seriously consider what you are buying and thinking about whether you need product or not?!?!



However, I must express I am speaking from an adult point-of-view, when discussing the marketing to children aspects I change my attitude. I acknowledge that when marketing to children, there is a strong line that must not be crossed, as they lack the cognitive skills to recognise marketing tactics.



Solomon, M., Russell-Bennet, R. and Previte, J. (2018). Consumer behaviour.

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