W2: Dad-vertising 101

For years we have seen the stereotypical roles within the family:

  1. Dad: Works hard, too tired to help with kids, sleeps when he comes home, loves footy and BBQ
  2. Mum: Stay-at-home, cooks, cleans, helps kids with homework every night, deals with bills and grocery shopping

But, honestly, how realistic is this in 2019?

Well, frankly, it just isn’t. Brands and advertisements are now beginning to recognise the shift within social norms and roles. Both parents are active within the home life and contribute equally within children’s lives, and in some cases Dad becoming the primary caregiver.


2e1e2e_c6226c6d55f74518aa7a97c367a536b1_mv2 Source: Coca Cola Dadvertising Example

This image has slowly changing with media sources rewriting the narratives that have plagued our screens for years.

“Advertisers are realizing that there is a push for today’s families to see positive images of dads. Men all over the world do not recognize themselves in TV shows or media.”

This is called ‘Dad-vertising’: it is where the commercials today depict “men who are doing things differently” than the 1950s version.

This is a positive shift for consumer behaviour, as men can feel represented and support brands that we helping change and respect them. They are more likely to buy brands, such as Dove Men+Care, who have openly supported this societal change

 Brands such as Coco Pops, have come under fire for their slogan “Loved by kids, approved by mums” for being a sexist attack to fathers, they have since changed to “Loved by kids, approved by parents” 

Captur coco.PNG source


Dadvertising is an important aspect for businesses to consider and incorporate within their marketing plans. Having inclusive adverts is a major drawcard for society in 2019, it is foolish to overlook this aspect.

Being respectful of all parents and acknowledges their roles will broaden the positive public image and strengthen the brand name, if done within a tasteful manner.

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