Project Pitch Part 1: Harry Potter Fandoms- The Why?

Being involved in a fandom is a huge commitment. The time and energy placed into knowing all of the intricate details from a franchise, including additional facts that are released outside the main platform (those that involve independent research). It is almost like having a job. I, honestly, respect and admire anyone who is passionate enough to devote themselves to a franchise.

There are many fandoms out there, but I believe there is one fandom that is the ‘ultimate’ fandom. The biggest and most intense to have ever existed, that has managed to stay relevant for so long without getting boring or stale and I believe it is….

Harry Potter and the Potterheads! 

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Let’s take a look at some stats:

“Deathly Hallows” sold 8.3 million in the first 24 hours and 11.5 million it first 10 days

Harry Potter movie franchise has raked in $7.7 billion … worldwide. The most successful movie in the series was “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II,” which raked in $1.3 billion …worldwide. 

These figures really help communicate the number of individuals involved in the franchise and the level of commitment throughout the entire series, right down to the last movie.

I was born shortly after the first HP book was released, so I have been around for most of the major stages: the final book, all of the movies being released, the extensions of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Cursed Child. I would say I have experienced (and engaged in) my fair share of the hype.

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And over the last 20 years, I have watched the Potterheads commit themselves to the franchise in many ways: naming their children after characters (literally know someone who named their baby Lily Potter), having themed parties and weddings, getting tattoos and creating universities clubs.

In relation to my own media use, I constantly see memes, events and random videos relating to Harry Potter over all forms of social platforms (Facebook being the most frequent)

The biggest reason for my interest and interaction with the fandom, is that I have several best friends who have devoted their lives to the franchise. I have attended many Halloweens and trivia nights just to satisfy their needs to be constantly involved in this fandom, they constant relate everyday stories to something within the HP universe. I have engaged in some of the most passionate conversations with them, and watched their faces light up upon simple mentions of the franchise.

The most interesting thing I found about Harry Potter fandoms is, there is no age limit of the Potterheads- the youngest I know is 13 and the oldest is 54. This amazes me, as this means they entered the fandom at very different stages of their lives and still are able to feel the same connection to the franchise.

I have also wanted to understand what makes this franchise so big, how so many people are able to connect with it and maintain that connection.

I would love to find out how people use their media platforms to engage with the fandom, and how it has helped increase their involvement and if has assisted in building relationships.

This video below shows how dedicated fans are, even years after the movies have been released:

Source: Youtube

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