Social Media is Useless?…Tell That to the Work Market

Media has helped change the workplace in many different ways in a rather rapid time period.

I am a Events and Marketing Support Staff for the Cancer Council Wollongong office. I essentially run various Facebook and Instagram pages for them: You should check them out!

42678902_308955849896232_2906719744356777984_n.jpg Our front door


FACEBOOK— Kiama Relay For Life, Milton Ulladulla Relay For Life, Nowra Relay For Life, Stars of Nowra)

Everything that I do for Cancer Council, heavily relies on media and technology in different forms. I go into the office for seven hours a week and roughly 5 hours will be spent dealing with social media, scheduling posts, updating information, responding to messages, contacting potential participants and businesses through messaging and getting a better sense of them through their content.

42656903_664956273876437_7722717687767367680_n.jpg My main event- Kiama Relay For Life

My position would basically be nearly impossible without media and technology, because even my research is conducted online as I find all my phone number’s from Google.

And as an organisation, we rely on weekly/monthly emails to update us on major events and new data, as not every employee will be in the office at the same time.

(Trust me, even when the CEO visits not everyone is there). Media has helped create our workplace, make our positions easier, and in the case of mine create it.


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