Marvel Movie Buff

Hoyts, Gala, Greater Union.

I love them all.

I love the cinemas.

I appreciate the whole experience of going out with friends and watching on the ‘big’ screen. I will often suggest movies whenever someone wants to be social, it’s a get way to spend time with people but you get to wear comfy clothes and don’t really have to worry about being healthy or looking flawless.

It is always a time away from uni, work and my phone- I feel most at ease in a cinema.

There is something that just fills me with joy sitting there, all comfy (in recliner chairs for Hoyts) with my chocolate, lollies and drink (I am too cheap to pay for popcorn), giggling with my friends during the trailers and soaking up the atmosphere.

My favourite cinema experience this year, would have to be the release of:

The Avengers: Infinity War

download (4) source:

There are some elements that need to addressed when looking into how I eventually get to the cinemas. Torsten Hagerstrand is a Swedish geographer who looked into these ‘constraints’, he narrowed three key elements:

CAPABILITY- “those which limit the activities of
the individual because of his biological construction and/or the
tools he can command.” 
COUPLING- define where, when, and for how long,
the individual has to join other individuals, tools, and
materials in order to produce, consume, and transact.” 
AUTHORITY- “control areas” 

Let’s break down my cinema trip and it’s constraints:

Capability- Having my license and my own car made getting to the cinemas very easy,  I was also able to pick up my best friend whom lives near me and give her a lift to ease her need to get there another way. Our other friend, who lives in a different direction to us, drove herself there.

Coupling- I choose to go with my two best friends from high school as we are all Marvel fans. We had planned two weeks in advance, to ensure we all kept the night free to go together.

Authority- I had purchased student tickets online and upon arriving to the cinema, we had the printed tickets and our student cards to inform the staff we were allowed to enter the cinema. Being 20, we were all allowed to see the film without any issues in relation to age.


Movie going is fairly easy now with my license and being over 18, these ‘constraints’ are often not even considered anymore, except for perhaps the ‘coupling’ component as we need to think about

Who wants to attend? and Who is free?


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