R.F.L. Funday

I use social media more than I would care to admit. I was never allowed it through high school, so I guess I am making up for lost time?

Nevertheless, I am still a very private person when it comes to posting stories on Snapchat and Instagram (unless I am promoting for a uni assessment)

Though, my habits have changed since I started working for the Cancer Council. Every event I work on and attend I will post about on FB, Insta and Snap.

In particularly, when I attend Relay For Life events. My first ever one was Nowra Relay in March. Below is a still from a ‘boomerang’ I posted to encourage people to come and join the event, and to consider joining future events.  I found throughout the day I was posting on both Snapchat and Instagram various elements and activities to show people what is involved with on-the-day events.

When I went back over the stories at the end of the day, I was interested to find that I had posted the most emotional elements of the day such as the first Survivors and Carers Lap, the Dance Tributes and the speeches from ambassadors. I created a story around the emotion of the event as well as the funner aspects of the day.


I have continued to do this at every event I attend to this day.


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