IoT, no, not Got. Sorry, wrong network.

The internet of things (IoT) is an interesting concept that, only a few decades ago, would have scared people. It refers to the connection of devices (other than typical fare such as computers and smartphones) to the Internet. Cars, kitchen appliances, and even heart monitors can all be connected through the IoT.-   The phrase ‘Internet of Things’ was coined by M.I.T., just another thing they have to claim.

Pretty scary stuff huh? The idea that more than just your phone and computer can betray you and share all your embarrassing moments, imagine your car recording all of your horrible singing and sharing that! (Wait, didn’t they make a Youtube series about just that?!)

giphy (1).gif

^^^^^(Okay, so maybe there is a tad bit of GoT in the blog)

Many of us can not imagine a world where everyday household items are connected to the internet, because we are thinking too big, think smaller and you’d be surprised how much of our world is already connected. Take watches for example: for me growing up having a digital watch with a light on its face was the coolest thing ever(which my Dad still has BTW, take note the photo below), but now they just seem lame.

yvYuaKp - Imgur

The technological development of watches is astounding- the Apple Watch and FitBits are just some examples of how the IoT has rapidly moved through society and changed simple items. The Apple Watch is a great example of IoT, “We view the Apple Watch as a reasonably well-executed step to furthering the value proposition around other IoT offerings being developed within the Apple Pay, Car Play, HealthKit, HomeKit, and ResearchKit initiatives” This comment by JMP Securities research analyst Alex Gauna highlights some of the advantages of Apple’s watch and IoT.

6YZ1ez6 - Imgur

The watches have become so technologically advanced that they are now banned from exam rooms.  The reality of the world waking up and become one of us is very real.

The global nervous system is real, it is here and is not waiting for us to catch up with it. The capacity of technology to emotional connect and response to humans is beyond anything we have achieved before, there is still a lot we must understand before allowing technology to control our lives completely.

However, although frightening these system can be used for our advantage, imagine if your fridge could talk and order the items you need, in the video below it shows a truly horrible situation but the fridge has already identified the problem, so it has already placed an order- the systems in place help make your life a better place- one where you will nearly always have chocolate milk.

Makes you wonder, not too bad anymore huh?

^ (please excuse how lame this video is)

4 thoughts on “IoT, no, not Got. Sorry, wrong network.

  1. Hi Amanda, I really enjoyed reading your post on this week’s topic of the ‘IoT’, you really covered a vast range of things. I agree, it’s pretty scary to think that these devices have such intimate access to our day to day lives. What could they be doing with our information? Is it truly used for the benefit of ourselves, or more worrisomely, others? Take, for example, the mobile iRobot vacuum. This little device memorises your floor plan, in which the map can then be sent off to the manufacturers to develop better versions of the product. Here’s more if you’re interested:

    Who knows? Maybe the fridge is secretly tracking how much choccy milk you consume, and then sending off that data to be used for marketing! As a future reference, while it’s fantastic that you’ve taken the time to write such an in-depth post, it might be worth mentioning that the limit is 150 words, just to make things easier for yourself. All in all, this was a fantastic post, super relatable. Can’t wait to read more! x


  2. Hi Amanda! Great blog post this week! Particularly loved the GOT reference. Your example of the ‘everyday watch’ was a great way to showcase the changes in technology and connection. Yesterday, a customer pay waved using his apple watch. I was both amazed and shocked. Who would have ever thought that you could pay for things using your watch? Actually seeing it happen in front of me, made me realise the world we live in today. In particular, the consequences of technology. You are completely right when you say that there is a lot more that we need to understand as consequences such as privacy and the notion of human identity can escalate. Check out Samsung’s Smart Family Hub Refrigerator, similar to the watch, it’s features have changed dramatically – .


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