Hello Darkness, My Old Friend…

We all love the internet, don’t we? Yeah, it’s great we are all addicted to it- Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, we live for the internet, where would we be without it?

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However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows though- there is a darkness to the web- cybercrime being the black swan of the family.

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Cybercrimes are illegal actions taken out through technological means of computers and internet. With hackers becoming smarter and more effective every day, the protection of your information is becoming harder to monitor and the security wall is crumbling, we are at greater risk of losing some much of our selves online.

The terrifying aspect of the internet is that it remembers everything, the data remains and is kept for hackers to claim as their own, whenever they please. It does not like deletion, that is not how it is programmed to function.

The internet never forgets…

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Take identity theft, one of the most common cybercrimes, these days there is a huge amount of online shopping where you must place your personal details credit card, address, date of birth etc etc. Seems pretty invasion, but most of us will enter the details without any dramas. Emails are problematic as well, many people, particularly in the older generation, do not know how to identify a scam…

“One common technique scammers employ is…sending false emails purporting to come from a bank or other financial institution requesting personal information. If you hand over this information, it can allow the criminal to access your bank and credit accounts, as well as open new accounts and destroy your credit rating. This type of damage can take months or even years to fix, so protecting your personal information online is an important skill to learn.”

Fun Story: My mum, who does not drive, has never ever had a car in her  name nor ever held a driver’s licence , received an email about a speeding notice that she was told she must pay in ten days or the car would be taken away and she would have an even bigger fine- thankfully my parents were smart enough to work that one out …


This Youtube video provides further info into cybercrime:

One thought on “Hello Darkness, My Old Friend…

  1. Hi Amanda,

    You’ve created an interesting post here, there are relevant memes and the end video works well to break up the content and exaggerate that internet users should always be careful with their information when online. Your link to the effects of cyber crime strengthens your argument further and compliments your post, you could always add more links to show your audience where your information came form and give a platform for readers to research the topic. Thanks.
    – Danni

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