Never-Ending Story: The Tale of Two Operating Systems

IN THE RED CORNER: We have Apple iOS

AND IN THE BLUE CORNER: Samsung’s Andriod



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You are one or the other and if you change, you’re a traitor.

Who is better? Who wins?

Smart people use Samsung/Android

Dumb people use Apple/ iOS (I take this personally as I am an Apple user)

Apple is closed (?)

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Samsung is open (?)


Confused yet? Well let’s try and break it down…

Android allows for alterations in their operating systems and has a constant feedback loop and continuous innovation on behalf of general public, they embrace adaptations and forward thinking on behalf of everyone…Regardless of the quality Android supports it and will let it be uploaded to the Google Play Store, although this has seen various level of quality, users support the operating system. There is an overwhelming amount of content related to Android systems, thanks to the lower barrier of entry in comparison to Apple – this has seen them win over the larger proportion of market share in comparison to the closed operating systems that Apple use. Android absolutely dominated the number of smartphones shipped worldwide in the first three months of 2015, with 78% market share


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Apple are not so welcoming of ideas, they like to guard their systems and protect the quality of their App Store- I mean they have a reputation to uphold- and this fact is why they have about half the content Android users do- they have a high barrier of entry which is highly restrictive for developers. Apple are often grilled for suing a closed operating system, however they are still very popular, so can’t be that bad, right? They just want to ensure the quality of their systems and apps (oh and them having a share of each app has nothing to do it with *cough* *cough*)

The issues with barriers of entry and the different level and standards:

“Another reason that if develop an Android app the developer use Windows, Mac and Linux but for iOS devices, a developer have only option of Mac. Not only this but, to register as a developer on the Apple App Store requires a yearly fee of $99,However to register as a developer on the Google Play Store need a one time payment of $25” Another money hungry cause from Apple executives?

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The video below outlines some important difference between the two operating systems: Source: Youtube

One thought on “Never-Ending Story: The Tale of Two Operating Systems

  1. Firstly, your intro is super funny! It leads quite nicely into your explanation of the two, which are really good and make it easy for those who don’t quite understand the issue at hand. Maybe going a little deeper would have helped too, open vs closed goes a little further than just iOS vs Android. This article takes a look at the operating systems as a whole as opposed to just within a smartphone,

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