Another (Curated) Brick in the Wall(ed Garden)

The Walled Garden…


so much imagery comes from this saying, but not so much meaning or understanding of the phrase. Let’s change that, so basically means “ an environment that controls the user’s access to Web content and services…  directs the user’s navigation within particular areas, to allow access to a selection of material, or prevent access to other material.”

Hopefully, this video can give you a better idea of how it works

Source: Youtube


And don’t feel left out, every single one of us has used or been involved in a walled garden… remember back in the high school days when you couldn’t get on Facebook?

Yep, say hello to one of the many (many) walls we encounter on the internet! The education systems ‘intranet’ does not allow certain sites to be viewed and therefore builds it’s walls around what is deemed appropriate and necessary for its users (in this case, students)

TZ025Oq - Imgur

(Back in the day before they had the BYOD rule and could control and monitor kids searches)


During my research, I have found one of the most important part of the walled garden is the concept of curated content:  the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. Having pre-selected information and managing how users view and interact with such content is important for companies, this is how they control and profit from such systems.


Apple is one that has many walled gardens, they curate content mostly by having a closed system where they are able remove apps from their App Store and by rejecting inappropriate and controversial apps that may be present to them, this extreme curation of content is sometime reasoned by the ‘protection’ it provides the user. Companies are aiming to build a safe environment from hacking and privacy invasions. The ‘purification’ of systems and building walls are meant to be seen a positive, but many view negatives

maxresdefault (1)


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