Global Village, Population: 7 Billion

The global village is: one world interconnected by an electronic nervous system, making it part of our popular culture before it actually happened.

BzRBVks - Imgur

The scary reality of this concept is how right McLuhan was all those years ago (his idea was first said in the 1960’s) How predictable our world has become and how we have surrendered to technology and all of our electronic devices…

These videos look into these concept in more detail and feature the man himself talking about the future!

Source: Youtube


Source: Youtube

Check out my soundcloud where I talk a little about the concept:

Soundcloud on Global Village

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2 thoughts on “Global Village, Population: 7 Billion

  1. hey amanda!
    i also watched heaps of the old school mcluhan videos, including his lectures to an australian audience in 1977, you should watch those too if you get the chance (they’re actually funny)!
    your Soundcloud was really good, interesting concepts explored! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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