Open Sesame!?!- Are You an Open or Closed System?

Different companies have different operating software, now I am not a computer nerd so I do not know the full details. However, I do know a little about open and closed sources:

giphy (1).gif

Open Source Software (OSS): “is distributed under a licensing agreement which allows computer code to be shared, viewed and modified by other users and organizations.”

Translation: This means anyone is able is to modify the codes of the programming, as it is publicly available (and encouraged to do so)

Enter: Android (Source)


Android is an OSS, they have a whole project surrounding Open Source Systems. This project is led by Google, they celebrate and welcome a sense of openness and customisation, they wanted to ensure there were no points of failure within their systems.

Now let’s look at the other side of the spectrum.

Closed Source Software: “an be defined as proprietary software distributed under a licensing agreement to authorized users with private modification, copying, and republishing restrictions”

Translation: Only the company can change the codes, as it is restricted and not publicly available.

Enter: Apple (Source)



A key difference in the two operating systems are how you download applications:

Apple have their ISO systems and their App Store- for Apple users, like myself and like the other 700 million odd people who own iPhones, that’s it. If it ain’t in the App Store, you ain’t getting it, (though admittedly Apple are pretty good with their app selection, so I’m not complaining too much)

53dPtKf - Imgur.png

Whereas, Android who have the Google Play store, have a ‘switch’ you can change the workings of the phone so that you are able to get applications for different systems- like the App store. This is good for people like my Mum who has androids because it provided a wider selection.



There are down sides to Google’s openness though, with them allowing basically anything to get through, it opens them up to some questionable content whereas Apple can ensure the quality of their content and for high standards to remain. This may seem silly to us, but to Apple it would have been an important factor to consider upon making their systems. Another aspect of this is the safety concerns, Android is much more exposed and susceptible to viruses and code issues because of all the different content flowing through its systems, a lot from unknown sources.

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