#BCM212 Research Proposal Update!

Hello everyone! Hope we are all well. This blog post is just a quick update for you all about my Research Project! So I have actually changed the question a bit to try and make it a bit more concise and it’s become just one question

How do current university students feel about the increase of technological engagement and online resources-including online submissions, and options relating to online ‘cloud’ courses in comparison to traditional physical campuses and assessments?



  • So my research is going reasonably well, I have had a few hiccups along the way with finding Australian sources, most of the articles I’m finding are American but a few strong Australian ones have come up and are assisting me in seeing how technology has become a factor in everyday life, I have seen some really interesting arguments from tutors points of views,not just students, which has got me really intrigued because this has a massive factor on the quality and reliability of online courses, which I have seen is a real concern for a lot of students and tutors who are considering using these alternatives.


  • As well as researching for academic articles, I have been using surveys (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GXNR5GZ— please feel free to complete it, if you have a chance), This has really helped me grasp a sense of honest students opinions and I have had some really amazing responses that have changed the way that I look at learning as well, which has really pleased me.
  • download (1)


  • I have conducted some interviews that have further broadened my understanding on the concerns and opinions of students and has helped my skills as a researcher. I am hoping to conduct more as the time goes on and gain an even further understanding for my assessment which will help strengthen my project.

  Ultimately, I am slowly satisfying my curiosity with some of the answers I have been given, and have been pleasantly surprised by some, which is always awesome to see! Can’t wait to see more and complete this project!



Till next time, Amanda xoxox

Twitter: @sixteenfourTait



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