The O.C. -Original Content: The World of Remixes

Original Content is “something that was never said before i.e. content that was never published online. In reality though finding content that is considered original is very rare (at least for the average blogger or publisher)

Remixing is defined as the act of rearranging, combining, editorializing, and adding originals to create something entirely new

The notion of original content is difficult like this meme:

LTYSMfe - Imgur.png

I made this so it original to me, but technically is it original content because I have taken a saying for a show and changed it slightly? It this a true sense of original content? I guess technically- no, no it isn’t. And yet you see so many people posting memes claiming to be original content when it is clearly from a TV show or movie.

Originality is hard to come by these days, in all areas of life there are copies, movies having remakes (The Great Gatsby, Beauty and the Beast, Nightmare on Elm Street, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Carrie etc etc), songs being remixed constantly (a shout-out to all the DJ’s who made that a thing), next thing you know books will be having remake…

Has the world run out of good ideas? Are remixes all we are left with now? And what are remixes really? Many argue it is just plagiarizing, is this true? This also brings into question all the copyright issues that are associated with remixes.



Remixes are incredibly common these days, particularly in music, you’ll often turn the radio on and hear a remix of an old song take this example Aint Nobody:

Chaka Khan & Rufus – 1983

Source: Youtube

Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson- 2015

Source: Youtube

These songs are the same base but two different songs thanks to remixing program, different artists and eras. The latter played on the radio for months before someone mentioned that it was taken from the 1983. I already knew this as by chance that I had heard the original before, but for many young people it was not a well known song so to them this was an original song, and the radios did not help this belief. So this poses the question: who owns the song because even though it is a remix it is still the original song in a sense yes? So is the original artist still entitles to the new version?

TKtDnBT - Imgur.png


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