#BCM112 DA Ideas

Hi Guys!

This weeks challenge was to think about ideas for our Digital Artefact (DA).

Although I knew this was an assessment before enrolling in this class, it has stressed me out thinking about my interests and how to turn them into something worth committing to. Like how could I turn binge-watching Netflix into a university assessement?!


However, I have had a long hard think about things that interest,not only myself, but those around me and feel some of my ideas may actually be decent enough to turn into a DA that I won’t be ashamed of:



—- Using an Instagram (or Youtube) account to explore the world through different people’s travel experiences. I would interview people and ask them to show photos that best encapsulate their holidays and what they learnt about the country they visited.

—- Having a pet Youtube channel, everyone loves animals and watching cute videos. It is one way many of us connect, for someone who doesn’t have pets it is a great way to profile different animals and their experiences and challenges in life

—- Having recently joined a gym and slowly getting into fitness I found it interesting the different ways people like to train, cardio, strength, core, all rounder. Exploring the world of fitness and various gym members, would be an educational and interesting Youtube channel

—- Tattoos are still a touchy issue within society with many elderly people saying it ruins lives and looks disgusting. I would like to understand what makes people gets tattoos and what tattoos are common within society and the meaning behind them. Showing them in their best light and showing that human beings can be artists of their own making


Keeping all this in mind, I shall see you all next week

Thanks, Amanda xoxo



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