How Convergent Are You?

Convergence is when two continents oops this isn’t HSC Earth Science. Media Convergence, to me, is the process of interaction between two mediums that originally were disconnected or of texts and audiences. It is an interesting concept because it is now very easy for individuals to be involved in the production of media texts and placing their ‘spin’ of the texts, this comes in many different forms of fan art, cosplay, musical performances relating to the shows and fan fiction. As a personal concept I’m not the most ‘convergent’ person, I have several different devices through my tasks- a laptop for studying, a phone for calls and texts, an iPod for music and social media and a TV for shows and movies. However, you look at an 11-year-old who has an iPhone that they use for TV (Netflix, YouTube etc) music, cameras this is my understanding of convergence, although it runs deeper, it is the ability to perform various tasks in one medium. The issue with media convergence is the affect it has on ‘legacy’ media. I think of the older generation (yes, Dad I’m talking about you) and how they interacted with media-they were more passive, where the millenniums are increasingly active with all the previous items I have listed. So the term truly is influenced in the time you were brought up in. The reality of ‘legacy’ media is within even 50 years, is it will be a rare occurrence, ask yourself how often do you see people with newspaper below the age of 30? With everything online it is easy to just jump on Google and find whatever you want then having to flick through the pages of a newspaper (and it’s better for the environment?) so this will also have an effect on journalism and further the different convergence in the future.


A perfect example of media convergence within modern times is the Kardashians, Kim to be exact, she was first introduced into the media via her umm…movie skills (to be polite) however she now dominates the media platform with various forms of her reality TV shows, her Kim Kardashian game available from the App Store, her social media platforms (Instagram, and she has just created her own snapchat) and most recently her App where she gives her followers a close insight into her life including her make-up routines. Personally, not a fan of Kardashians but you have to appreciate how effortlessly Kim transitioned into the media and still maintained her style and fans, this is the generation of celebrities who are heavily convergent.

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