What Lengths Will You Go To Please Society?

Texts are everywhere- you can’t escape them, even if you don’t read books- they come from everything and yes that’s including clothes! How you read texts is entirely up to you though, it is your interpretation that’s what makes semiotics (science of signs) so interesting.

Here’s the breakdown of how you interpret ‘texts’.


I have chosen this image below because body image is something that affects everyone and the sexualising of a woman is an inescapable marketing technique


Now calm down everyone, don’t get too excited-she is not talking to YOU, I’m afraid. Though she IS talking to everyone- Girls: so that you will buy the Wonderbra to feel better about yourself and Boys: so you will be more impressed with the way your girlfriend looks with her shirt off.

The signifier (denotation) is “Hello Boys” this has a double meaning with linked connotations to it, the woman is saying hello to her breasts because the Wonderbra (a push-up bra) has enhanced her chest OR is she saying hello to all her potential suitors now that her body image is improved because of the bra (which should really be offensive to men who are made out to be pigs who only want woman for their bodies).

This is where your interpretation starts- which is it? Or is it both?
But also the Wonderbra slogan ‘the one and only’ makes it sounds classy and desirable, another marketing technique strategically used to capture the audience and encourage the purchase of the brand. They also used a beautiful slim woman with perfect hair, nice make-up and clear skin- so not only is this ad encouraging large breasts as a sign of beauty but the ‘perfect’ woman that is often stereotyped within our society.
The connotations of this ad are quite sad and highlight the issues within our society, does a woman need large breasts to be considered beautiful? The worrying thing about this ad is that it is being placed on billboards where young children can see this, young girls are being influenced (brainwashed, if you will) as young as five that they need to have 14DD breasts rather than 12A. Why should women be spending $70+ when they can spend $20 and be just as happy. Body image is a relevant issue for any era but in ours especially because of the availability to plastic surgery and other methods of body modifications. The Wonderbra just opens the door for woman to start modifying their bodies, when their bodies are perfect. So how far will you go for society?
Hope you all like this and understand why I am coming from
Till next time, take care xx

4 thoughts on “What Lengths Will You Go To Please Society?

  1. Hey Amanda! First of all your passion for the topics of body image and the sexualisation of women really shine through in this post, and that makes it a really interesting read. Your post is also very informative – the focus on the relationship between the signifier and the signified really sheds light on how the way a person reads an image can have disastrous affects on ones sense of self worth and self esteem. You also connect texts with real world issues such as the rise of plastic surgery and body modification, leaving your audience much to think about. A very well written blog post 🙂


  2. Hi Amanda,
    Firstly, this post is so well written. Starting of defining the image and stating that “body image is something that affects everyone” is something I couldn’t agree more with you on. So many people revolve their lives around the image of their own body or another individuals, so I think the way you interpreted your own opinion to an image that reflects back on this issue is great, especially the way you explained the signifier and signified. Your in depth explanations definitely broadened my understanding and I think overall you did a wonderful job.
    Alison 🙂 x


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