Media Anxieties- Should we fear the Age of Technology?

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, Pinterest… the list goes on and on with the countless social media websites that are available in today’s society.
Are there too many? Are we getting involved with the ‘dark’ side of social media of being connected without really connecting? Is it damaging our society’s health, both mentally and physically?
Parents often exclaim how their teenager is addicted to their phone and would die without it for a week, let alone an hour, and it is a sad reality that many people cannot handle being without their beloved devices, but what is the reason for this?
Is it the fear out missing out in major goss from their friends, is it the comfort of knowing they can stay connected to the world through Google, if they become stuck or is it simply because texting someone is much easier than personal interaction- I mean you can avoid the awkward conversations by simply not opening the message or take your time to come up with a smart-ass remark, where in person you are expected to be hilarious immediately and all the time?
Current anxieties about media come in different forms from different parties.
Parents- fear losing their loving child to the lure of media, which makes them less sociable – the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do and more exposed to sex and violence at a younger age
Partners- with apps such as Tumblr, Grindr and Snapchat is has become a lot easier for someone to cheat- you don’t even need to leave your house! and everyone has their privacy issues with people going through their phone, making partners nervous about their online presence and the trusting nature of their relationship
Teachers- simply the distractions of media making it harder for students to focus to homework or with BOYD the school can no longer manager/block what websites the student uses while in class (unless you’re in BCM110 where the use of Twitter is encouraged )

Some anxiety issues come from the health risks posed from spending too much time of social media- with things such as ‘Text Neck’ (an arched back and neck from looking down at phones too much) and the ‘Bent Finger’ (the pinkie finger being bended the wrong way- left for right hand and right for left hands) from having the phone resting in your hand over extended periods of time, sight issues from staring at screens for too long and disruptive sleep patterns from using technology to close to attempting sleep (relating to the ‘blue backlighting’ used my phones which confuses the brain into thinking it is wide awake)
Media is the way of the future, regardless of whether it is well-received, children as young as five now have iPhones, people are making Facebooks for their newborn babies (who are certainly not old enough by Facebook’s policy), but are people’s resistance are just going to see them left behind in the technological age? However, in saying that every new era, every new piece of technology instils fear within society and they adapt and become quite comfortable, so is our society just warming to the social media revolution or is it more serious this time?

2 thoughts on “Media Anxieties- Should we fear the Age of Technology?

  1. Wow, well done Amanda on such an eye-opening blog post! Your style of writing is so captivating and engaging as you continuously propose questions for us as readers to ask ourselves. By addressing the parental, the ‘addicted’ teenagers and the teacher sides to this topic, you successfully and effectively touch on the positive and negative aspects of the controversial topic. Going on to then make reference to the possible health risks associated with the use of media, you touch on a widely discussed issue within today’s society, which is great. Being apart of modern-day society, we are aware of what the media is doing to us, but we cannot provide answers for what it will be like in future generations, which is why such a debate is sparked. You have outstandingly and clearly dealt with such a sophisticated topic and I cannot wait to read more of your posts to come. Well done again on your great work!


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